Ordering and Example of Items

Some Items will show multiple pieces.

The picture on the left shows 3 items. Please note the following. 



  • Color : The color of the item will be chosen at random
  • Image : The actual item may look different from the actual picture
  • # of items : The # of items shown is only an example
  • There is maximum and minimum for orders
  • Min: 10 items
  • Max: 1 full box (case) per item


 Example : 

  • The image shows 2 items. When choosing QTY 1 you will get 1 item. 
  • Image shown shows a variation of the colors available
  • There will be an option to choose how many items you would like. In this case this item has a variation of 3 kinds. If you order 1 you will get 1 of the items shown in the picture
  • Important: The image shown may vary from the actual product. The numbers listed in the image show how many of each are in a full box (case). The maximum you are allowed to order is a full box (case). SKU is referred to as the product number. In order to complete your purchase, you will have to order a minimum of 10 items.