Slider Seal Bags 6Bags


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【Size】36.5cm × 40.6cm × 0.1cm 14.3701in × 15.9843in × 0.0393701in なし none
【Material】ポリエチレン Polyethylene
【Extened information】耐冷温度:-30℃  厚み約0.065mm あまった食材など、少量保存に便利です。 リサイクル可能な冷蔵庫バッグ! Min.Temp Limit -30℃ -22°F Thickness-approx.65μm Convenient for storing small amounts of left-over food. With a slider zipper for quick easy opening and closing. Resealable Refrigerator Bags.【About Bulk Orders】A limit order is 12 pieces 【Please note the following】
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