Pins for blanket/Beaters/Pillow dryings / PILLOW DRYING NET TIER 【まくら干しネット 段 】


SKU: 4979909893609

【Size】36.5cm × 0.2cm × 84cm 14.3701in × 0.0787402in × 33.0709in なし none
【Material】ポリエステル100% 100pct Polyester
【Extened information】日光に当てて枕を除菌。ぬいぐるみなどの日光消毒に! ハンガーでカンタンに干せる! Leaving a pillow in the sun removes bacteria and germs. For sunlight disinfection of stuffed animals. A net that can easily dry using a hanger.
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