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Bamboo Chopsticks - 30 pieces

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【Size】1.1cm × 0.6cm × 20cm 0.433071in × 0.236221in × 7.87402in なし none
【Material】本体:竹 Body:Bamboo
【Extened information】1本ずつ丸く削られ、割らなくても使えます。 生長の早い竹材を使用 なし 強くしなやかで折れにくい 節部分まで使い、ロスなく竹1本を丸ごと利用 Each chopstick is shaved into a round shape for use without separating. Uses banboo materials that  Nothing Sturdy flexible and resistant to breaking.  The entire bamboo shoot is use【About Bulk Orders】A limit order is 30 pieces 【Please note the following】
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